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So I’m hitting /friends/list.json and passing in a screen_name hoping to get users related to it at least. But I’m getting back users that I’m not even following. Is this expected or is there a work-around?



Not expected. Can you provide more details of the specific call you’re making, parameters, and expected / unexpected results?


This is the url:

I’m expecting to get CNN’s account and/or accounts related to the screen name that I follow, but out of the 20 results none are accounts that I follow.


GET friends/list will return the friends of the specified user without considering the authenticated users friends.

If you want to get the common friends between two users you you would have to do something like GET friends/ids for both users and find the union of the results.


Well I’m just trying to get the friends of the authenticated user(me) mainly to create a group of users that you follow. I was hoping to use the screen_name field as a way to filter down the users since I don’t want to have to scroll through hundreds of accounts looking for a few. Is this possible in any way?




friends/list is simply a list of accounts someone follows. It does not provide any search or filtering features. If you want to work with a subset of the list you’ll have to do that in your code.

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