I have found that passing search terms of the form

“\w+.(com|org|net|gov)” OR “\w+”

into the rest api returns no search hits no matter if the second term returns hits or not.

For example, for a search on and apple I pass this string into the Query class (Twitter4j)

Query looks like this:
{query=’’, lang=‘en’, locale=‘null’, maxId=-1, count=15, since=‘null’, sinceId=1, geocode=‘null’, until=‘null’, resultType=‘null’, nextPageQuery=‘null’}

but no search results are returned.
{sinceId=1, maxId=464553632378408960, refreshUrl=’?since_id=464553632378408960&’, count=15, completedIn=0.011, query=’’, tweets=[]}

If I remove the from the search terms then I receive a set of results as expected.

I have tested this with .com, .net, .org, and .gov and have the same result.

It does work just fine if I pass in me.not instead of

No error is thrown.

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?


No one has run into this? Wow