Search with tweet ID


Can I pass tweet ID as query string to get the results. I do not want to use Standard API because I want the details of the particular tweet with the results from the Premium API especially reply_count , etc.

Thanks in advance !


What kind of results do you want? replies? (You still have to use standard API if you just want info about a specific single tweet i think - eg: using statuses/show)

If you want replies, there’s in_reply_to_status_id:12345
If you want retweets, there’s retweets_of_status_id:12345
If you want quotes, i haven’t tried to check but i think is:quote url:12345 should work?

Not all those are available in sandbox to test though:


Hi @andypiper
I would want to know is can I pass a bunch of tweet ID in the Premium Search API and retrieve the results ? I would not want to use the Standard API to get the details because they do not hold the metrics for counts like reply etc.


This has already been replied to via the documentation that @IgorBrigadir linked above. There’s no way to search on Tweet ID directly, only if you’re looking for replies or Retweets, and in both of those cases they are enterprise operators. I have nothing else to add here.


The status endpoint lets us pass tweet ids and was hence was wondering if Search also has something similar which I missed out.
Thanks for the information.