Search widget suddenly stopped working in Firefox


I’m troubleshooting an incompatibility issue with Firefox. The search widget at lower left on this page: is not showing up in FF 12 on a Mac OS 10.6. Renders ok in Chrome, IE8+ and Safari. Can anyone help? I’m wondering if it is a css issue (not with the widget css). Doesn’t seem to be an API problem as it is working fine in other browsers.

The other interesting thing is that the search box doesn’t show up on the Twitter “Customize Your Search Widget” page ( when using FF/OSX10.6. The space on the right side of the page where the rest/preview box normally appears is blank.

Any suggestions most appreciated.


Hi Anne,

Do you have an approximate date that this started happening for you?


Not sure. Just noticed it on 5/31/12.


I do know that it was definitely working on 3/29/12. It most likely started happening within the past week or two.


Any news about this issue? Profile widget still doesn’t work in FF 12–13 on Mac OS 10.6 (but works on Windows).
I’m getting strange response TWTR.Widget.receiveCallback_2({“error”:“You must enter a query.”});


I had a few errors show up in the console, but decided to first test my Firefox plug-ins and extensions as detailed here:

Turns out my tracking blocker (Ghostery) was causing the issue. I deleted it and the problem disappeared. I’ve installed Do Not Track + instead, and so far it works great.


Thanks for replying back with your resolution. I just googled this same issue and it helped me resolve it. For me, it started after updating my Windows laptop to Firefox 26. After testing my plug-ins and extensions by disabling one at a time and restarting, I was able to determine avast! Online Security 9.0.2006.53 extension is the one causing the issue for me.