Search widget - One user's tweets and a hastag


Been reading alot of discussions on how the Search API works and how when retrieving one users tweets it’s better to use User timeline.

But what if I want to create a stream with all Tweets from one user as well as all tweets for a specific hashtag regardless of user? Is there a way to accomplish this?


You would need to blend the results together – which could be tricky since the format of search tweet objects is a bit different than the more canonical objects in a user timeline. The widgets won’t support this, you’d have to build your own effectively.


Is there a difference in how the API returns tweets and how the normal web search interface does.

One query in “normal search” :!/search/realtime/%23hflse%20OR%20HFL_Commish%20OR%20%23hfl2012

returns tweets from @HFL_Commish: for example

but same query in the widget omitts all tweets from @HFL_Commish, but will display mentions.


There are some light variances, yes. If you were looking for tweets by a certain user, you should get them from the user’s timeline instead of the Search API – it’s not the best means to obtain tweets authored by a specific user.

If you’re really trying to stuff it all into the same widget, add a “OR from:HFL_Commis” to be more specific that you’re looking for tweets mentioning that string or authored by a user containing that string.


the from: syntax is not working either. it seems somehow that all tweets from that account (@HFL_Commish) gets omitted from widget results.
tried widget with only hashtag but still no tweets at all from that particular user.

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