Search widget not returning results


I’m trying to setup the Twitter Search widget and can’t get it to produce results for my search term, mckideashare. When I enter the same term in the search box on it yields results. I’ve tweeted 2 items today with the term so it should find recent items.

When I enter the search term in the Customize Your Widget pages it doesn’t produce results either.

The term is mckideashare

What can prevent results from displaying in the search widget when the search produces results?

[I’ve been configuring and testing in Chrome, but the widget on our site tested in Firefox12 also doesn’t find results]


I am getting the exact same issue!


the same problem… with explorer, chrome and firefox.

The results of “join the conversation” are different that in the widget…


I have the same thing - for some it works. example if I put #CNN however if I create a tweet with a new tag - post and wait for the update there is nothing. I have tested this on multiple systems and browsers and it is all the same results. I think this must be twitter related some how.


Same problem with me.
search word: #speld or #rainbow or #zz or #schaakclub will work ;
search word"#schaakclubzz or #zzschaak give no results inthe widget frame.
They are however found in the website frame
Do I have to post my new searchword to a twitter mainframe in order to have the search engine to go and my tag to be found?
Is there any maximum length to the search word? (I think there isn’t)
Difference between upper case and lower case? (I think there isn’t)
I’m using: