Search widget for My Website "from:08pc10" gives no results


Recently, i think two weeks ago, it used to work but nowadays if you try the search widget with “from:08pc10” no result is shown.

You can test it:

a) Access to

b) In the ‘SearchQuery’ field indicate
and press the ‘Test configuration’ button

c) The widget appears in blank, but there are tweets to be found.

d) Nevertheless, in the same widget, the ‘Join the conversation’ link works properly!/search/realtime/from%3A08pc10

The same with “from:08ptt”.

Thanks forward.


The Search API is focused on relevant results based on queries – to display the tweets authored by a single user, you would be better served to use the Profile widget so that the source of the data is a primary source.


I’m sure that only SEARCH and PROFILE widgets are not enough. Many people (and me) try to use search widget to show real conversation in twitter - questions and answers corresponding to time line. As I’ve understood - the search widget is not good for show conversation and the profile widget is not suitable at all.

May I ask you as Twitter developer? Are you planning to make some widget to show real time conversation?


I second (or third, or fourth, as it’s come up before) this request. A search widget that displays the conversation that happens as a result of queries for that particular search as an optional flag (conversation: true/false) would allow a twitter search widget to be able to be used as a full-fledged commenting system (see – right now the only way you could do it is via hashtag (which requires that people joining in the discussion add those hashtags to their reply) or forcing them to include the url of the original post (also unlikely). Wouldn’t it make sense to just display the replies inline?