with JSON problem! (twitter account-related problem?)


Hi all,

I make a JSON request to 2 different accounts (both rpp=20): for one it always returns the 20 requested messages, for the other account always either 3 or 10 messages.

to try yourself surf to this address:
-> If you open the response json file in notepad++ you’ll see that it has all the 20 requested posts (messages)

Now try to surf to this address:
-> open this json file in notepad++ and you’ll find it always returns either 3 or 10 posts. Never the available 20 posts.

The syntaxis of the requests are identical right?
I mean I may be messing up because this is my first twitter job, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Social media dev.


Hi @nielz,

Search isn’t the best API for retrieving a specific user’s tweets, as the search index does not extend back very far in time. Instead, use [node:56] to retrieve the specific user’s tweets.


Alright, thanks for the info :-).

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