Search / tweets with result_type : popular give other/strange results in v.1.1



a few weeks ago we converted our scripts to apiV1.1.
A specific function in our application wants to get some tweets with a lot of retweets from a specific hashtag. (popular)

Before v.1.1 we did this with the search function and the parameter result_type: popular.

We did this also in the v1.1 function. The problem is that we only get tweets with 1-5 RT’s. According tot the response these tweets are popular. Im my opinion is that quit weird. In de v.1 version we got tweets with min. 25+ RT’s to 500+ RT’s…

What could me wrong? Is the regulation for result_type “popular” changed?
What did twitter changed in the algorithm for being popular?

does anyone have an idea or sollution?

Tweets by @username They allow you to set a height, which I set to 600. When placed on my site I get this (when viewing the source): The 220 width is w