Search Tweets with Hashtag for a Specified User not working



I want to get the recent tweets specific to a hashtag with respect to a User. I have taken reference from following link: but it is not working for me. I am getting the content if I pass desired Hashtag only in the query but it is not working if I am passing my Username along with it. My query looks like: “q=from%3Agoyalanurag%20%23SharePoint&result_type=popular” but its not working. I am following below text:

When you want the most popular tweets of a specific user using a hashtag:
You want: popular tweets from @Cmdr_Hadfield mentioning the hashtag #nasa
Your search URL is:

Please suggest.


This account is protected, so none of the Tweets will be indexed in search.


Thanks for your reply.
How to get the tweets indexed for a protected account?
I am using twitter account authentication mechanism to access the search API ,its providing me all the result specific to hashtag but not to my account.


Protected accounts are not included in search. You will have to access the user timeline directly (assuming you are logged in to a user that has access to the protected account)