Search/tweets want to GET a Query with multi-users and keywords arguments



Hello everyone,

I’m on a nodejs environement, and i can’t find a solution to this, since this morning, the distress is real :smile:
I want to do a simple query with “search/tweets” but i don’t know how to write it.
I want all the tweets from 5 differents users with 5 keywords.

For exemple i want all tweets from “username1, username2 … username5” where i can find the words “example1 OR example2 OR … OR example5” in it.

I tried hundreds ways to do it, i always fail.
This is how i try to do it :

var Twitter = require(‘twitter’);

var client = new Twitter({
consumer_key: ‘my_consumer_key’,
consumer_secret: ‘my_consumer_secret’,
access_token_key: ‘my_access_token_key’,
access_token_secret: ‘my_access_token_secret’

client.get(‘search/tweets’, {q: ''example1 OR example2 OR … OR example5 FROM username1, username2 … username5), function (error, tweets, response) {

I’m using

Thank you a lot guys !