Search/Tweets v1.1 only returning 3 results querying a trending topic


I’m trying to get examples of a trending topic using Search/Tweets, but I’m only getting 3 results back instead of the 100 asked for. Here’s an example request:

where #ilovechipsandcheese is trending and the geocode parameter corresponds to the city where this is trending. The request is user authenticated, but is the first request I’ve made in the past 12 hours at least.

Is there anything obvious I’m doing wrong, or is this a known issue? Alternately, should I be using a different endpoint for this type of request?



The reverse geocode functionality has a bug currently that reduces results for a query like this – the part of search that takes a user’s stated but non-geocoded location like “San Francisco, CA” and translates that to a specific geo region is what’s going wrong. This should be resolved later this week.


I am also noticing that search results with result_type=popular are only returning 3 results. This is for non-geocoded searches, too.


@episod still broken for both geocoded and not searches :frowning: