Search/tweets: searching urls brings back 0 results



We try to bring back the recent results for a url using the search api but we keep getting 0 results even if we see recent results via the public search.
Here is the link:

Here is the search via the website bringing back recent results:

here is the api search done in ruby:

url = ""
encoded_url = CGI::escape(url)
options = {result_type: "recent", lang: nil, count: 15}
@api = => token, :oauth_token_secret => secret), options)

We manage to get results on other urls but it seems like for some domain names we always get 0 results, for example:

we already know that the search api is not supposed to return all tweets but having always 0 results for these urls seems like an error.

Thank you in advance for you response.


Hi there, this might be related. The API is giving less tweets, a lot less.


Same here.

I regularly searched my website ( on Twitter, but it suddenly didn’t return any results.

Other websites are properly shown on Twitter search, so I guess some URLs are blocked by Twitter for some reason?



I am Using Twitter search API.

endpoint :{my_encoded_shortened_url}.

When I am using twitter search tool( to search any URL, it is searching and giving me matching tweets. But when I am making api call to above enpoint with bearer token. Its not giving me any results. And I made sure that the shared tweets are not 7 days older.

I have spent 3-4 days to figure out the solution but no luck so far. Please help.