Search/tweets max_id since_id cannot use both?


When I set both params max_id since_id I get { “code”: 195, “message”: “Missing or invalid url parameter” } . It is correct interval of tweets and I know there are about 99 tweets in that interval for that query, actually it is result of my recent query. When I omit just one of since_id or max_id it works fine. I want that interval of tweets, when I set just since_id off course I get totally newest tweets.

Is that intentionally that we can’t use both those params in single query?

As I read here we should be able to use both at same time.


i am also getting the above issue.
And even if i use either of the sinceId or maxId for pagination, i am not getting exact results.


I have the same issue. Is this the desired behaviour or a bug?