Search tweets made by member of follower's list with hash


Building an app, and need to display a feed of tweets by members of a follower’s list that include a hash. The follower is the company I work for, though I could set up a dev account there to simplify the task to display a feed of tweets by members of a list that include a hash.

Example: list=friends, hash=interestingtopic, so a feed of #interestingtopic tweets by members of my “friends” list

We want to display a topic feed to discuss on our site, filtered by members of our list in order to prevent random posts with the same topic that may not fit into our meaning of the hash term. A solution that can work with Abraham Williams’ TwitterOAuth would be ideal.

This seems beyond the reach of Twitter Advanced Search queries. Appreciate any feedback to point me in the right direction.


I have answered my own question, so I am documenting it for anybody with a similar question in the future. As it turned out, it was within reach of Twitter Advanced Search queries. Using Abraham Williams’ TwitterOAuth solution, the search variable will be:
$search = “#topic from:member/list”;.

Using my previous example, to get a feed of #interestingtopic tweets by members of my friends list, the search variable will be:
$search = “#interestingtopic from:kennylandes/friends”;.

These yield the same result as the browser search query:


So disregard my last post, that did not actually work after all. It was a fluke. I understand what happened, but am just as lost now as before that post.


There’s no direct official way to search within a list directly. The “from” operator in search queries is for narrowing results down to a specific author.

The closest equivalent to what you’re trying to accomplish is using the list timeline method for that list, and examining each tweet in the collection, extracting those with the hashtag or keywords you’re looking for. The entities/hashtags node can help you with this.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try.


The limitation here is that the volume of tweets by some of the people in my company results in the comparatively small number of hashtags being buried beyond the rate limit. It’s not a big company, but it is somewhat influential, and we do a lot of social media interaction with our community.

Well, thanks for the response, Taylor. I may need to find a different approach, only displaying tweets from a specific account with a hashtag, for instance.