Search/tweets ignoring Instagram tweets?


I was searching for tweets with specific test hashtag #nf12345. And i was using this api URL:

It returned me correct response with some tweets. But the problems is there is not a single tweet with Instagram link. I’ve search for tweets with this hashtag from Twitter’s interface and there was tweets with Instagram in response.

Now I know “Not all Tweets will be indexed or made available via the search interface.”. So I’m wondering if this is the case? Was my 7 Instagram tweets out of ~100 tweets with #nf12345 hashtag skipped from indexing? Or there is something wrong with my search query?

P.S. Yes. I know about pagination in response and I’ve checked it.


Also noticed this happening. It seems they’re not being blocked from all search results but just perhaps from API search results?

Tweets with Instagram links appearing in TweetDeck search column, but not via the search API.

Tweets with photos uploaded via Twitter do appear in API search results.