Search Tweets from users in a list



I would like to search tweets from members of a twitter list. Say tweets that have certain keywords posted by members of a particular list. Is there a way to include the twitter list in the search rule? (so basically instead of one single user, where you can use ‘From:’ in the query, I want to have a user list in my ‘From:’ field) (Something similar to what you can do using the search box on twitter website, by typing: my_keyword list:list_owner/list_slug in the searchbox). I am using the full-archive paid premium API, and python searchtweets package.


This is not possible. You will have to use the GET list/members endpoint to gather the list of members from that list, and then plug in those @handles into a Search query with the from: operator.


Thank you LeBraat for your reply and providing a solution. This is exactly what I ended up doing as well. Initially I thought (and was hoping) there are neater ways to do it, but seems like there is not. Appreciated your reply.


Glad to help!

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