Search/tweets endpoint and extended_entities



I’m building a simple application on the search API and I noticed that the results don’t contain extended_entities. Is there any chance to get this information other than manually request information about each tweet via statuses/show or statuses/lookup?

Also, the documentation page about extended_entities is inaccessible for me (link found here).


Search for Tweets with Videos
Multiple Media Entities in Tweets for the REST API

As far as I know this was a planned feature a while ago and I thought it was already implemented but it doesn’t seem so… Maybe @andypiper can provide us with an update about it?


Here is the link to extended_entities:

Your hyperlinks are pointing to a different page.


Thanks, still the question of this thread remains unanswered, additionally the docs are pointing to the wrong link, so this should be fixed.


I have the same issue.

Is there any plan to include extended_entities in the search API responses?


Still not coming through for videos at least.
ETA anybody?


Can someone from Twitter please answer when extended_entities will start showing up for search results?


Unfortunately we don’t have any information to share on that at the moment.


extended_entities are very present in the statuses/sample and statuses/filter results. Just not appearing in search/tweets results.

A wish: The docs would some day contain both what the intended API design and what actually works today.


We do strive to keep things updated, but as you’ve found, we do still have inconsistencies. Please feel free to submit doc issues in the appropriate categories (REST/Streaming/etc) and we’ll do our best to follow those up! Thanks!


It would be preferable to update the API to match the docs. :innocent:


As far as I can tell, extended_entities are still missing from search/Tweets. Is this true? :frowning:


There’s been little active development on the search/tweets endpoint recently, so that is still the case, yes.


@andypiper Does this mean it’s impossible for me to filter Tweets with a video attached (and then display said videos on a site?). Thanks for the quick reply!


I think you can use filter:video (? not tried recently) to return a result set - without extended entities - and then re-fectch the matching Tweets using statues/lookup. Not ideal, but it should work.


@andypiper Wow. Is this mentioned anywhere in the documentation?

It’s actually filter:videos (plural) according to my testing, and it does appear to only filter down to Tweets including videos. Thanks!


The filter: types are listed in the support documentation for search, I think - also mentioned briefly in the operators popup on the page. Probably worth adding to the API docs…


As last day of Oct 2015, the extended_entities are still missing from search results. hope this can be included soon, so we do not have to make multiple calls.


As last day of Nov 2015, the extended_entities are still missing from search results. hope this can be included soon, so we do not have to make multiple calls.

This is a recording.


Still not returning extended_entities.