Search tweets and applications per account


Hi! I have build a Twitter application to search hashtag on tweets.
If there is a huge amount of tweets per minute with this hashtag, I just can get 300 tweet per minute. Can I overcame this number or is a standard developer application limitation? (Could I pay to get more tweet per minute?).
My second doubt it’s about the number of applications that I can build with just only one developer account. I don’t find information and I want to know if I could make 1, 10, 100, 1000… with just my single account or if there is any limitation.


Default limit on applications for one developer is 10 as far as i remember, to get more you need to get approved for.

For Search if you use both the User context (access token) and the App Only authentication:

You will end up with 630 (180+450) requests to /search/tweets - in each request, max number of tweets returned is 100, so the maximum you could get is about 4200 tweets per minute (63000 every 15 min)

If these are hashtags that are being used right now, a better option might be to use a filter stream: with track for hashtags you want


Why would you need to create a large number of applications as you suggest?


If I work with 20 different custumers (for example) and I want to focus on the search of hashtags I think that the best option it’s to have one app for each custumer to get the more accurate number of searched tweets per customer. Is there any other way to do this with just one application without having troubles with the limit of request per user/app in 15 minutes?


Sure, sounds like you only need 1 Application for that: you can authenticate each customer to that 1 app, and each customer will have their own rate limits so they won’t interfere with one another.

This might help:

So each customer will have the same consumer key & secret, but their own unique access token & secret - you’ll just need to keep those safe.


But in thas case, if I just use one app for all the customers (20 in this exemple) the app has a restriction of 450 requests each 15 minutes, and isn’t enougth for 20 customers.
Am I wrong? I think thats it’s a poor response from my app if I have to divide 450 request for 20 customers at the same time.


Oh, the 450 requests are for “application only” without any user tokens - you have these 450 requests, as well as 180 requests per user:

If you have 20 customers registered to 1 app, each customer will have 180 requests every 15 minutes

So with 20 users, you can actually make (20*180) + 450 = 4050 requests every 15 minutes, which should give you plenty of room to make searches


You probably already know, but just in case you don’t, you can search for multiple hashtags in one search. So you should combine each users hashtags they want to track in one api request rather then separate api requests.