Search timeline only showing a few tweets


I created a widget for a search timeline for a specific hashtag to put in my course’s Moodle shell. The widget appears, but it only shows the six most recent tweets, even though I have made more than six tweets to the hashtag. I do not have it limited to top tweets and safe search is off. Why are so few tweets showing? I have three other widgets set up for three other courses, but none of them are having this issue. I’ve seen other posts about this issue, but they were all old and most never had any resolution posted.


Search widgets will not show tweets older than 7 days. Is that the case?
If not, please, provide an URL with the widget so I can properly debug.


I guess I’m confused because the three other widgets do show tweets older than 7 days (they go back as far as August 24). In this widget, nothing comes up when I click “load more tweets,” either. Since the actual page I’m using it on is private within my university’s Moodle system, I’ve put it on a Wordpress page at:


I took a look and the widget is working as expected. Be aware that there’s a limit of tweets that is shown on the widget.

If you want to control tweet by tweet that’s appearing on that timeline you could use Collections.