Search Returning Zero Results


I am trying to use the search widget. When I search for “rainbow” I am getting results. when I search for a word in one of my client’s tweets, I get no results. I also get no results when I search for “from:GEMInews”.

I think my search should be constructed as search: ‘GEMInews thisterm’ to search for thisterm in all GEMInews tweets. Code is posted below with the following search lines changed and their results

        search: 'rainbow', //Loads of results
        search: 'SFDtv', // Zero results
        search: 'from:GEMInews', //Zero results

    new TWTR.Widget({
        version: 2,
        type: 'search',
        search: 'from:GEMInews', 
        interval: 60000, 
        title: '',
        subject: '',
        width: 'auto',
        height: 300,
        theme: {
            shell: {
                background: '#ffffff',
                color: '#ffffff'
            tweets: {
                background: '#ffffff',
                color: '#000000',
                links: '#053f8d'
        features: {
            scrollbar: false,
            loop: false,
            live: false,
            hashtags: false,
            timestamp: false,
            avatars: false,
            behavior: 'all'


Is there perhaps a problem with way the GEMInews tweets are created? Or is there something else amiss?

P.S. I get similar results using the search form on


The Search API only returns Tweets from the last 6-9 days worth of Tweets. Since the last time GEMInews tweeted was the 3rd of October, none of its tweets are currently indexed by the Search API.

Consider using the profile widget instead:


how active do you have to be before getting indexed? and how long after you create a account?


I’m having the same problem with my search form. I’m trying to get anyone who puts #POND2012 displaying on a Twitter search page. It worked yesterday but today stopped returning results


Same problem with me.
Search term #rainbow works, search term #schaakclub works, search term #zz works.
And search term #schaakclubzz does not.
@tupdevel: One thing to try: do NOT include (space), _ or : in tour search term

But how do I get my search term to be indexed?