Search results seem to ignore recent tweets



I am testing a Tweepy based app.I believe Tweepy uses Rest so I hope I’m in the right category.
Currently it’s searching for the same phrase every minute (will be much less when it’s live). What I notice is that if I tweet messages with the target phrase in, the next search will not include them straight away, and they only show up an hour or so later. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong there please? This is my first time so please don’t assume any knowledge on my part!


i figured out a workaround using since_id but would still be interested to know the answer as it seems like a useful thing to have in my head for later


In general, there are two things to be aware of here:

Before getting involved, it’s important to know that the Search API is focused on relevance and not completeness. This means that some Tweets and users may be missing from search results. If you want to match for completeness you should consider using a Streaming API instead.

  • querying the search API on a repeated basis like this will obviously eventually hit a rate limit (although I acknowledge you mention you’ll be doing this less often in production). Have you considered using a filter term on the Streaming API instead? However, if you are frequently needing to change the search term, that may not be a good solution for you.


Thanks. Plenty of good ideas here for future development. I’m rather embarrassed to admit it has been banned from write actions during it’s first semi-live test, even at a 10 minute interval. I guess I have a lot to learn! :scream:
Just been begging for its reinstatement