Search results in Twitter API dont match Twitter website search results



I am using REST API to extract twitter search results in Hindi and Hebrew.

Search phrase in Hindi - “मुझे सपना आया” OR "मैंने सपना देखा की"
Twitter search results return about 100 results for this phrase -“मैंने%20सपना%20देखा%20की”%20OR%20"मुझे%20सपना%20आया"

However Twitter explorer console API ( returns only 1 result.

Same thing happens for the Hebrew phrase as well. Website returns correct results. API only returns 1 result
Search phrase in Hebrew - “אתמול בלילה חלמתי”

Please Help!!



The Search API doesn’t provide access to as much data as the website does. The Search API also only goes back about one week in time.