Search Query Widget - Changing Width/Height Dimensions


I am trying to utilize a widget to filter through a twitter list and pull out key words. I was able to find the correct widget, however, when added to the site it only appears with a width= ~260. I want to increase this but it keeps reverting back to the original dimensions. Any ideas on how to fix this?


We can help you. Can you provide some more information please?

Can you share a link to your website? Or paste your widget code and reproduce the issue on something like


The website is not live yet, however, here is the widget code:
a class=“twitter-timeline” data-dnt=“true” href=“” data-widget-id=“933427025083121664”>Tweets about migos list:lilraptormusic/the-hip-hop-raptors

ive tried to insert a data-width a tag as well as an iframe but it always reverts back to a width of ~260. I need it upwards of 500. Thanks for the help!


I found this description of the problem on another forum: This time they have set the max-width of the widget INSIDE of the iframe (i.e. on code generated from their website). Because of this, there’s nothing I can do to target CSS generated inside the iframe (because of cross-domain restrictions). Previously the width was set in the iframe itself only. It’s still set in the iframe, and that is still being modified correctly because the iframe code is hosted on YOUR site, but the code INSIDE the iframe is resetting the max width to 520px now, and we can’t modify that unfortunately.


Sorry that you are having issues.

I’m not able to reproduce your issue. I took your embed code and added data-width=500 here

The widget will respect the width of the container it is in, i.e. the element which wraps the widget. Could you double check if the container can grow to whatever size the widget needs to grow? You could set the container element of the widget to a width of 500px and may be that helps?


So when using your jsbin, on my end when i full screen the output, no matter what dimensions you put ie. 100 or 1000 the widget width stays the same.


apologies for my lack of technical terms, I am very much a beginner at this. I am trying to embed this widget onto my squarespace site, could that be the problem?


JK IT WORKED! Just copied your data width code from jsbin and added to the site and it worked! Thanks so much for the help


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