Search no longer shows domain-tweets searches from within shortened url's



I use a saved search with expert and another with to find tweets with links to these websites. That alway’s worked fine (and I think a lot of people use this to monitor their business.
But since last friday (juli 1st) I only get old results

It seems to no longer support searches within shortened url’s.


Second that.
I use this kind of search for three different domains to track mentions of articles published there in realtime. Important for customer intimacy.
Since this week it’s no longer possible in the browser client and in Tweetdeck.


Yeah, third that.

Was using this feature to track certain sites via Tweetdeck too. Totally broken now.

Is this a bug or a deliberate ‘feature’?


Yes this is broken for me too - super annoying. Any fix?


Hoorah! For me, it’s back the way it ought to be!


Same here!


And it’s broken again…


I used to search on url’s by a searchkolom on the domainname. This doesn’t work anymore. It looks if Twitter Search doesn’t search any url’s anymore.
Why? This is a lost of usability for me, it was the way I used to monitor my business and businessinformation.
Is this temporary? I hope so!

Search API and web search is not returning most recent tweets for some popular urls

Same problem here. Whenever I post a blog I’d like to thank some people who shared. Links are often shared with shorteners like bitly, buffer or Hootsuite shorteners. I can’t monitor it through TweetDeck anymore, and that’s really annoying :frowning: