Search metadata in Premium API


I am using the sandbox Premium API. What is see is requestParameters are provided which is like the Search metadata but apart from the parameters it does not give the rest of the information like time taken to complete the request etc. Is there another attribute I should have looked at ?


Hey @jadeveloper - How are you making your request?

If you pass along a -v when making a curl request, you can pull some useful information related to your request.


I am making the call using RestTemplate in Spring.
Is there a way. to get the view count of the video in Premium API.


No. This is not an attribute in the premium API.


If I would need to get just the view counts of the video what is the API that I should subscribe for since rest of the data is available for my use case at the moment in the Premium API.


The only API that currently offers video views is the enterprise Engagement API. If you’d like to learn more about this product, reach out to our enterprise sales team.


Thanks ,that answers my question.

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