SEARCH is NOt happening either with 1 OR 1.1


Hi All,

I am trying search Users using the below API
{“error”:“Could not authenticate you.”,“request”:"/1/users/search.json?q=Nazima&access_token=1321992505-h49JcxtQ7tkGOGh5Ox2irfqArODAgYdsJnpVVFG"}

Tried with both 1 / 1.1
Can anybody siggest me wat could be the issue.



It doesn’t appear you’re using authentication correctly – both v1 (now deprecated and retiring in June) and v1.1 require user-based authentication for this method. It looks like you’re just tacking on the access token you have as a randomly named “access_token” parameter when you need to sign your request using OAuth 1.0A.


Hi Taylor Singletary, Can you please provide me a Link for document to get the same which you are mentioning in your Comment.