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Hi all - New here

Trying to find a way to integrate curate-able twitter posts by hashtag onto a media server for projection mapping.

The media server I am using has a html input option.

Is there a way to select a hashtag and curate which posts are displayed?

I have looked into some options but none seem exactly what I want to do.

Does anyone know otherwise?

Thanks in Advance,



The best way to curate content to display would be to use a Collection. You can create a Collection using Tweetdeck - add a new Collection column, drag the Tweets you want into the column, and then use publish.twitter.com to embed the collection as a timeline (you can do this easily in Tweetdeck by using the Share option in the column settings).


Thanks for your response, we have started the dev process.

Should we be using the rest API or the Streaming one?


You don’t need to use either of those APIs - you just need to create the Collection in TweetDeck, and then grab the embeddable Collection widget HTML and JS code from publish.twitter.com. There’s no need to use the API directly.


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