Search Hastag in Widget Timeline


I’m adding a widget in a web page which shows the details of a film.
The page shows the film details on film id basis, so depending from the film ID, the same page will show the specific content.
I want to show in the widget, the discussions where the hastag of the film is present.

I’m trying to dynamically set the data-widget-id field, in order to be able to set it from the server side.

<a class="twitter-timeline" id="FilmTimeline" runat="server" data-widget-id='<%# dataWidgetID%>' data-screen-name='<%# hasTag%>' >Tweet su '<%= hasTag%>'</a>

I’m able to read the data-screen-name, but I’m not able to find the way. Is there a different way to do this?
Is there a different solution to shown in the widget the discussions in the film basis?

Thanks in advance