Search hashtag from username API


I have this problem. I need to install Twitter on two websites and it needs to show hashtag from one username only. I can set the search widget to search that hashtag from that username, then check live and loop to loop the latest post with that hashtag. In theory, it works, but when implanted, I have the latest tweets get buried by older posts and some of them are missing. Maybe, if I get the timeline to scroll it down and automatically refreshed to display the new tweets, it would great. Anyway, the widgets are scheduled to be gone by March 2013 and I shoud go with the API. That brings me to where I am since we don’t seem to have the same latitude to personnalize the API as we had with widget.js. Does it exist a way to have it working the way I want?


Any idea?




You may find it easier to obtain this behavior by obtaining the tweets matching your criteria server-side and then persisting them. Then your display (doesn’t have to be a widget) would render the tweets you’ve already stored.

Are you using a query like: “#hashtag from:username” ?


I am using a query like that. If I am correct, you’re saying that it would easier to build my own script server-side (e.g., in PHP), then to store the results in a db and to post them on that page. Could I skip the db part and display the results directly from what I receive from If I go with mysql, it sounds like I am just making a detour for a local ticket/notepad sytem.


finding a hashtag from specific user and do it server side, that’s really a bad idea because i don’t know how many tweets i need to get from your api to find out my latest 10 results. any good idea?


i need data from this URL

Now i need 10 latest result, if you says read all tweets from thedubaimall and then find hashtags, i don’t know how many tweets i need to get from api to find 10 latest tweets contained my hashtag, any good way?


i found solutions, here is URL