Search for string with punctuation (!), either with API or browser


Currently I am using the API to search for my string: “hello”. But I need all instances of “hello!”, with an explicit exclamation point. To do this, I have to download all “hello” results and then search those strings for the subset of “hello!”. It’s not efficient and it’s overkill for my purposes of creating a simple webpage widget.

I have tried various combinations, including using the HTML code for the exclamation point: “hello!” and ““hello!””. (note, the HTML code for “!”, amp+#33; is being changed automatically to “!”).

Best solution would be to use web-based advanced search to collect “hello!” results.

Second solution would be to use API to collect “hello!” results (with python).


Due to the way we currently normalize most punctuation characters, your more inefficient method of post-filtering results is probably your best option when using the Search or Streaming APIs. You may find better tooling around these kind of matches from certified partner providers of Twitter data like Datasift or Gnip.


Thanks for your reply. Can you suggest a way to then create a custom embedded timeline with these selected tweets?


Right now most can only create custom timelines using TweetDeck, which isn’t the best tool for everyone. In the coming weeks you’ll see more Twitter-related software gaining these capabilities as well.