Search For People Public Profile


We need your help to get the result as twitter give when search for people, we have already use ‘’ but we want result without authentication for all public profiles.


The limitations of the users/search API are as they are – you’ll just need to respect them and make do with the data provided by it; perhaps you’ll need a different goal.


for using “”, i need to generate oauth token from oauth tool on sidebar, how can i implement it in my web-app?
I am using Hpricot to parse the html page


The API is meant to be used with the access token representing the user performing the search – you wouldn’t just use your own access token to provide unauthenticated search to your end users, as that’s not the purpose of the API. To offer users search ability on your site, you’d need to ask your users to OAuth into your application and then leverage their tokens to perform the searches.


this is the link i use: oauth_consumer_key=pOIvk8SNqyhJiKXA&oauth_nonce=55e0975a89a4d2d5ca80abd2eb52&oauth_signature=xvHTLD3C0A3pTigcSoSwdLQ%3D&oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA1&oauth_timestamp=1343898&oauth_token=47614322-DBLT994tjuGsohBS7ixEsqmtSn6BdOXFzyVxO&oauth_version=1.0

anyone know why i would be getting the twitter Could not authenticate with OAuth error?

Many thanks


There are lots of reasons OAuth can go wrong for you – it’s best to separate concerns and use header-based OAuth instead of URL-based. Try some of these tips: [node:204]


may i search public tweets using v1.1 without OAuth? I searched the individual people tweets using version1.0 but now it is deprected , so i am unable to use this version , then i use v1.1 but it say must be authenticated why?