Search Exclusion


We’re currently using a version of the standard search widget on our site:

We control the search terms from the back end, and use this as the means of keeping people off the feed, just so we can keep competitors and bigots off of the feed. We ran into an issue this past weekend where some dude was spouting some pretty homophobic stuff, and we were unable to ban him. Here’s the search string we’re using currently (see below). “Sass__Quach” is the guy we were trying to ban, and it hasn’t worked at all. This is the first time we’re encountering the problem, and my initial reaction is that it’s because his name uses 2 underscores, and that’s what’s causing problems. Any ideas on how to fix this? We’ve banned a variation on this guy’s name before (GaryQuach), so I assume he’s a dedicated enough scumbag to try again this weekend.

search: ‘#SCGCA -Sass__Quach -JoshJMTG -MTG_Lennox -glassthegrey -bagelz69 -BAMotumbo -Matt_AndrewsX -feb31st -GaryQuach -AnalMalfeasance -NCBlock -arilaxisasnake -H3LIUM -GoodTrollsLive -semisober -the_bensw -mtg_law_etc -Chrandersen -pojomtg -LimitedGaming’,


You’re right that this is probably a bug due to the underscores in the name. You might find you can remove them by doing “-sass” and “-quach” – underscores in most cases are considered equal to space characters, and in this case we can’t differentiate between a user name or a random term here.


Sadly, trying to exclude portions of his name doesn’t work either.

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