Search exclusion operators - odd results


Hi there,

I’ve noticed a couple of odd results recently, and wanted to check if what I’m seeing is intended behavior.

In this posting, I’m wrapping the search term with [ ] so as not to confuse when I’m using “” in the search queries.

  1. I’ve noticed expected results missing when searching via API for [flinto] Some results get shown, but this one doesn’t for example: That tweet does appear when using the same search term on If I adjust the search query to [flinto -“”] then the search results from the API match what’s shown on for this example, and the tweet is included.

  2. It seems an API search for [flinto -mr_flinto] has recently occasionally included results that mention @mr_flinto. I can’t reproduce this at the moment though. Is it possible the search endpoint could occasionally miss some - operators? Should I be formatting the query differently?

Thank you,