Search embedded user timelines



Hi, I have 6 embedded timelines setup with tabs which works really well. However one of them My User Timeline “News” I would like a search field available to the reader so they can find a given subject easily. Please tell me that is possible. You can find it in the lower portion of the home page at:
For Blogging Out Loud))


Embedded timelines do not support an embedded search option. You’d need to redirect users to, or build your own functionality to provide this.


When you say build your own, is this something that you know has been done?
Is it a simple JavaScript that I can find?

Or if thats not available…

Can I ask what the search syntax would be for lets say:
If I wanted to search for fruit. I’ll guess please correct where wrong.
"#fboLoud, apples, plums"
Would that then give them those two fruits and and combo of those fruit?
Thanks I hope I’m being clear


Take a look at Twitter search and Twitter advanced search to build your queries.

The simplest implementation would send form input to Twitter’s search result page in the q query parameter.


Hi Nial,
Thanks for the info on the q query, could you Please spell it out a little more?
or send another link that explains how to send form input?
Sorry for my ignorance