Search doesn't return "en" language tweets if there's a special character in the tweet text


When I search tweets using a keyword and using ‘en’ language filter, the result doesn’t return the tweets that have special characters in the tweet text, even though the tweet text match the keyword and the tweet language is ‘en’.

For example:

  1. Try this:
    This shows an ‘en’ language tweet that has a special character (Hex 2714 :heavy_check_mark:️ ) . in the tweet text, The search criteria has the handle and word ‘workout’ but no language filter.

  2. Now try this:
    This search has the same handle and word ‘workout’ but also the filter for language ‘English’ - you will see that the tweet does not show up

I expect the same tweet result to show up in the second search as in the first search above, because the tweet’s language field is ‘en’.

This issue exists in REST API, as well as in twitter search UI. How do you resolve it?