Search does not return retweets with comments



Hello everyone,

I am trying to display the tweets containing the hashtag #bocaboca but apparently none of the retweets which have some comment including that hashtag are appearing.

If I retweet an interesting article and want to add a hashtag #bocaboca I won’t be able to fetch it, because it looks like it won’t be considered a tweet, but something else (comment?). Search API is useless in that case.

If I retweet the same article but without including any comment, then it will be considered as a tweet but won’t appear in my results because it does not have the hashtag #bocaboca.

Practical example

An article contains #techRevolution, I like it and I’d like to retweet it.

IF I retweet it and I add additional text saying “This article is awesome #bocaboca” and I search for #techRevolution or #bocaboca, it won’t appear.

IF I retweet it without adding anything, when I search for #techRevolution the Search will find my tweet.

Does the Search API exclude the retweets with comments? And if so is there any way I can make a workaround?

Thank you very much,


The search api is quite behind the other apis, I’m guessing it’s something to do with it’s history?

It doesn’t contain a number of features from the other REST APIs such as quoted tweets, extended_entities, etc


Thanks richard, but I still have the problem and I can’t find a solution or workaround. It looks it is due to the way twitter considers those retweets.

Any thought on any approach to a solution?

Thanks in advance!


The best way to handle it would be to make two Api calls

The first to search where you just grab the tweet ids alone. Then pass them to statuses/lookup where you’ll get properly hydrated tweets with extended_entities