Search API vs Web Search return different results


Hi Can anyone shed some light on my problem with the search api and web site search. If I type in #netgearEX6100 in the website I get about 15 tweets but if use the I get back none.

The only real difference is that the website is authenticated with my credentials and the search api is authenticate with an application token.

I get this response using curl

“statuses”: [],
“search_metadata”: {
“completed_in”: 0.014,
“max_id”: 486892092485287936,
“max_id_str”: “486892092485287936”,
“query”: “%23netgearEX6100”,
“refresh_url”: “?since_id=486892092485287936&q=%23netgearEX6100”,
“count”: 15,
“since_id”: 0,
“since_id_str”: “0”

The tweets are less then 7 days old.