Search API - Tweets from not showing up on # search results


Hi everyone,

Querying the Search API for a given hashtag returns results for messages posted by users in the US and Canada but not for certain countries in Europe, specifically France and Italy.

I would appreciate if someone could please shed some light over this issue.

EDIT: Suggesting this is a location related issue is simply misleading. I have update the title of my post to avoid confusion.



Please can you include

  • what search you’re doing
  • example tweets which aren’t included in the results but should be


Thanks for your reply.

I should probably restate my question as to why tweets from certain accounts are consistently not showing up on search results.

The search below is looking for recent tweets tagged #titesttag

These are some tweets that are never included in the results but should be:


The Search API documentation notes that not all tweets are indexed and made available in search—and that’s exactly what’s happening in this case.

I’ve marked the @ApexHenry account so that its tweets should appear in search going forward.


@isaach Thanks.

I have also found relevant the answers provided by @episod on this post:

Opaque as a rock…


@episod said it well with this: “Search’s index is limited and it’s focused on providing relevant results to typical user queries. To serve that purpose, it doesn’t index every tweet and has some dynamic, evolving criteria it uses when indexing”.


What percentage of the tweets are indexed and are therefore searchable, approximately?


Approximately 7 days of tweets are available using search/tweets.


Thank you for your answer isaach :smile:
Does this mean that I can look up to 7 days in the past?

My question however is, out of all the tweets that are created, approximately what percentage is indexed based on the criteria? In other words what percentage of tweets meets that criteria?


Yes you can search about 7 days in the past using the search/tweets API endpoint. As mentioned above, not every single tweet from those 7 days is indexed but almost all are.

What percentage of tweets is this? Well, there are ~500m tweets daily—so a 7-day index contains ~3.5b tweets. We just announced that there are >500b tweets in total… so the 7-day index is currently around 0.7% (=3.5/500) of all tweets.



I have a technical blog and I have created a twitter account for the same. I keep writing articles and tweeting them with relevant hashtags. But none of the tweets are coming up in the search results. I want people to see tweets mentioning my articles’ topics when they search with relevant hashtags…

@isaach It would be really helpful if you can mark my account(@javabrahman) as well to appear in search results… Please have a look at my blog…… I am developing it on my own and need all avenues to reach out to potential audience


Your account is quite new, so there’s a chance that it simply hasn’t filtered into the search index yet. That should happen over time if your Tweets remain good quality / non spammy. This is not something that we can do anything about on an individual basis.

Also note that this forum is for the developer API rather than supporting use of or apps.


I have been a twitter user from many years.
However, my account does not show up in search for other twitter users.
Also, when I mention them in a tweet, they do not get a notification for the mention.
Please solve this problem.
My twitter handle is @KaranKundnani9

Eg. This search link:
Are not visible to anyone else