Search API returns less results than expected



Hi all,

while querying the search API for a specific hashtag, I’m getting very little results; I’m using a custom app I developed, tried and tested in the last couple years so the issue should not be on my side; basically what I’m doing is I’m browsing the search API, and paginating back with max_id in the query string until the 7 days time limit will allow; I would be expecting at least a few thousands tweets, but I’m getting only 350 or so.

I know the search results are not complete (good enough for me); other searches are performing regularly, though. What gives? Any ideas?


Difficult to say without more detail on the specifics of the search you’re attempting, but one thing that could affect this is if the hashtag in question is being used for a large amount of spammy content or is otherwise being reported for low quality Tweets.