Search API returns 1 or 100 tweets arbitrarily


While using Twitter Search to query for a single hashtag, I am getting an inconsistent behaviour.

For the first call (result_type =recent), I always get 100 statuses. For the second call, I pass “max_id” as the “id_str” of the last tweet from the first call.

At times, I get 100 statuses but at times I just get 1 status. Why is the inconsistent behaviour happening? The 1 status I get is the status corresponding to the max_id that I passed.

PS: This has only started happening since a day. I’ve been able to fetch tweets without any trouble using the same code for the past one year or so.

Edit 1: After trying out a few times, I seem to notice that this happens with only the #iccs2014 and #mmit14 hashtags.


Same thing happening to me, irregularly too!


Did you end up figuring out the problem? I posted a question a while back about a similar issue: