Search API Returning Less Results Today Than Manual Twitter Search


I am noticing that since this afternoon when we use the search api it is returning much less results than when I manually search on twitter. I have been doing simple searches for things like urls and the results seem way off.

For example when I search just this url I pretty much get nothing back but when I search the url on twitter there are obviously a ton of results

Yesterday I got 1154 tweets by searching this url and just a few minutes ago I got under 300…for the same exact search. I am seeing this across the board right now when I search urls that have been returning normal results before…is anyone else seeing this?

Thanks for any help you can give.


Any thoughts on this? Another example I am using the twitter console and only getting on result back for this search but when I search that url on Twitter it obviously has a TON of results.

This seems to have just happened recently so I am wondering what is going on?