Search API: return *only* geotagged Tweets


Hi guys,

I’m currently developing an app based on D3 to display geotagged Tweets on a map. I grab the relevant data through the Twitter Search API.

Here’s where I’d really need your help: is there a way to set the API POST parameters so that for a chosen hashtag it returns ONLY geotagged tweets?

I’ve looked at the docs extensively and googled quite a bit, but according to what I found currently people MUST specify a location and a distance radius.

On the other hand, how do I reliably get the most recent tweets for a given hashtag, but only the geotagged ones, without limiting it to a specifc location or distance radius (basically worldwide)?

On a side-note, apparently I’m not the only one having this issue:

It would be super-useful to have an option in the Search API that looks something like “&geotagged” and returns only geotagged tweets!!

Looking forward to hear you thoughts, thanks :slight_smile:



This would be great! I am currently working on an application that returns GeoJSON-formatted Tweets that must be geotagged, and the way I currently handle it is to filter out results that are not geotagged. This is unsatisfactory because it means that my application must always request the max number of results (100 per page) in anticipation that many of the returning Tweets will not be geotagged. As a workaround, I plan to implement successive queries on the Twitter API until the application finds a requested number of results which means it is much more likely to hit its rate-limit. This is unfortunate…


Hey everybody,

has somebody found a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance