Search API return error 503


I’m developing tweet search program using Net::Twitter::Lite::WithAPIv1_1
I can get result of search on no-proxy environment, but I can’t get it and also always receive '503: Service Unavailable" on proxy environment(such as Office).

I added follow statement.
$ENV{HTTPS_PROXY} = “http://proxy-server:port”;

If I make a willful mistake proxy-server name or port-no,
I received follow message, so I think correct cording.
500: Can’t connect to (mistake proxy-server name):(Port) (Bad hostname)

What’s wrong?

Please Help!
Thank you.


I found Blog which wrote Japanese that Twitter::Lite can NOT use via proxy server.

Is that true??


I’m not familiar with Twitter::Lite; you’d probably need to check with the developers of that library to confirm support for proxy servers.


Hi, isaach,
Thank you for your advice.
Now, I try to ask a question on other forums as same question.
Thank you!