Search API not returning entities->media if tweet text is 140 characters




I posted a tweet with 140 characters and an image, but the entities->media is not returned in the search API.
Then i posted another tweet with 115 characters (the limit before being cropped by the short-link) and the image was returned. We have made multiple tests to replicate this behavior and it is consistent.

115 characters tweet:

140 characters tweet:

I believe this is a problem in the API not returning the entities->media if the text is longer than 115 chars.



You’re going to want to take a look at the extended tweet mode.

Try playing with this:

And doing this.

You’re going to want to take a peek at -> tweet->extended_entities->media


Thank you!


Please have someone review this article:

Its not readable!

And the behavior is not consistent, sometimes it returns tweet->text and other times tweet->full_text …


Sorry for the readability - working on fixing this.