[Search-API] Include shadow-banned tweets



Hey guys!

Regarding the search API.
How can I manage to include purposely shadow-banned user’s tweets?

Shadowban is already crap enough for the users, it would be very annoying if it would inevitably affect also developers trying to retrieve tweets without having to deal with this very random-efficient thing.



The standard Search API operates against a 7 day incomplete index, as documented. The available operators are listed in the documentation. A user’s quality filter settings and mute and block choices are respected wherever possible.


If I may, app-auth is possible for this method ; so replying that user settings are applied is not totally relevant, imo.
But okay, fair enough, documentation specifies indeed that it is not a complete index.

So, I guess, no, I hope* that if I manage to apply & subscribe to the Full Archive Search API, I will get all the tweets matching a search query — incuding shadow-banned ones —, isn’t it?


Apologies, you’re correct, I was making a general statement across the API when using user authentication. In the context of standard search, it may also exclude results that have been marked as spam by other users or our machine learning systems, brand new accounts which have not yet been indexed, attempts to influence trends, etc.

That is my understanding. Full Archive Search is a complete index and is an enterprise product with relevant request quotas. It has a far broader range of query operators, and optional premium data enrichments.