Search API - get the original tweet (id) of a retweet


In my app I get the tweets I need using:
and some of them are retweets of a particular tweet.

Is there any way to find the original tweet of those RTs?

Thank you very much in advance. Any help would be appreciated.


The retweeted_status node of a retweet object contains the “original tweet” that was retweeted and its ID.


Thank you for answering but, that’s only in the Streaming API, isn’t it?

Using Search API this is what I get:

“created_at” = “Sun, 13 Jan 2013 23:31:41 +0000”;
“from_user” = OlaiAthletic;
“from_user_id” = 450047484;
“from_user_id_str” = 450047484;
“from_user_name” = OlaiAkesolo;
geo = “”;
id = 290602044400754688;
“id_str” = 290602044400754688;
“iso_language_code” = es;
metadata = {
“result_type” = recent;
“profile_image_url” = “”;
“profile_image_url_https” = “”;
source = “<a href=“”>Twitter for Android</a>”;
text = “RT @Saraigustran: No me corto yo el pelo en el #Conquis a manos d korta ni loka jaja”;
“to_user” = “”;
“to_user_id” = 0;
“to_user_id_str” = 0;
“to_user_name” = “”;

Please, correct me if I’m wrong.


That looks like the older responses rather than the /1.1/search/tweets responses – the older search responses are less feature-rich than the new v1.1 variation.


Hi - I want scrape all tweets for particular hashtag or username. Which is the best way - Old Search API / Rest API / Streaming API? I should able to make it automated.

Can anyone please give me a sample for PHP to get the result? It requires oauth each time?


I feel streaming api is taking huge time for getting results. Rest API would be better?