Search API for cashtag is sometimes empty, even though website search works


If I search for USA tickers, like $AAPL and so forth, things are fine, but search is empty for all global markets. There is always a “.exchange” in the ticker text, for example “$UCG.MI” for Unicredit in Milano exchange. I tried to replace the “.” with %2E but no luck.
What should the parameter “q” be for “$UCG.MI” so it can give the same results like the website search?


Anything not clear about my question? Any Twitter client can’t perform search for tickers outside of USA!


It seems that Twitter support only answer questions that doesn’t need a fix!


Any answer for this issue? Cashtag is not working for anything outside USA.


Sorry you’re feeling frustrated :disappointed_relieved: We’re not full-time “support”, we’re developer and platform relations (and the wider community) - we do our best to read all of the forum posts, and to help where we can. We certainly take note of issues that are raised here and track them internally where appropriate.

I’m personally not familiar with all of the options for cashtag searches. I don’t believe non-US tickers are supported though.


For what it’s worth I ran twurl /1.1/search/tweets.json?q=%24UCG.MI and it worked for me, retrieving this tweet:

In general, though, note that trying to get the “same results like website search” is a losing proposition with the free public search API. Search on runs on a much deeper index than the 7-day index underlying search/tweets.


I certainly appreciate your time, this is a message to Twitter as a company and I know both you and @isaach are always active replying on issues.


I do understand that API can’t match website search, but i can tell you that the search result you got was just one return and there are so many if you search the website. My app searches global markets and 99.99% of the time there are ZERO tweets for none USA markets. I am sure this is something related to the “.” in the ticker and I am hoping for some attention to none USA cachtags.

Thanks for your reply and I do appreciate your time and effort.


I actually got this tweet returned too: Those two are the only ones with this cashtag in the last 7 days, as you can see on the web site:

If you have examples where you see a recent tweet in web search but not via the API, let me know.


I see, I didn’t read carefully the 7 days limit. Let me check but you are probably correct, I didn’t think of any time period when I did the search, all I get is a perfect zero tweets from my App and it just looks terrible.

Thanks again for your dedication and support.