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I want to make an application/artwork, which uses Twitter search API.
Every minute the application makes a new search, than lists one sentence from the search result for one minute.
Because there are too many jargon I don’t really understand, I have a question.

Should I ask permission from Twitter for this application?

This is how the app looks like.


One thing to note is that you’re not currently following the display requirements for displaying Tweets (no username, avatar or timestamp is visible).

However, if you already have an API key and you are within the rate limits, there’s no obvious other reason for this app to be against the Developer Policy.


Hi Andy

Thanks for your help. Two more thing :point_up_2:

How I deal with this, because my app will search and show tweets without human interaction: “In some cases, permission from the content creator may still be necessary

Can i contact somebody from Twitter to ask permission to alter display mode?



If for any reason you cannot comply with one or more of these rules, please contact us directly via our Policy Support form before displaying Twitter content.

This is from the Display Guidelines page I already posted a link to. Follow the link to the Policy Support form for assistance.

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