Search API doesnt downloadd retweets_by usernames and tweets



hello, I’ve allways downloaded mentions from search API as keywords. i.e. mentions of @rollingstones.
In that case I allways had all mentions, replies, tweets and retweets related to that acount.

Lets say 15000 RTS in the RT count and maybe 13000 rt usernames because the date of the tweet.

NOW: Im having only the mentions and not the timeline tweets and users retweeting the main username I was searching. Am I clear? I can download the timeline but the keyword doesnt bring me all retweet usernames, mentions and tweets.

Have u had this problem?

ps. sorry if I wasn’t clear, Im not native :stuck_out_tongue:


what API endpoint are you using? can you provide code examples? It sounds like you are looking at large amounts of data, is this a Twitter public API issue?


That’s right, Ive allways looked at large amounts of data and actually
could. There’s no code example, I use API search with python and download
mentions to analyze opinion. Ussualy I need users data, like for i.e. users
that retweeted some entity, not the retweet count.

IE. If I track an account (@12345) at APIsearch I can get the users that
mentioned or replied tweets from that acount but not the original tweet or
every retweet as a row in my .json file

I know I can download the original twt and RT count from API REST but i
need the user who gave RT’s to that acount, am I clear?

I think that is a Twitter problem, because I always had access to that
information and now i dont.

Thank you and will be waiting for your response. :slight_smile:


This is not clear. Are you using the REST API, or the stream? Can you provide Twitter API examples and specifically demonstrate what has changed and when? Thank you.


Im using Twitter Search API. I need It to read content for an specific

For example I track all @mauriciomacri mentions and want to see all users
that retweeted him.

A month ago I could get almost all users that mentioned or rt
@mauriciomacri, also I could get his own TL tweets in the same call.

Today when I track @mauriciomacri I only have some mentions and not all the
oficial acount posts and retweets.

All I want to know if there was some change in the limits or politics of
extracting public data of twitter.

I can only be more specific in spanish, sorry and thank you for ur time.


There is no change in either the API call or the policy around use in this area. I’ve just done a search using both the @handle, and from:@handle, and I get results back.